how to make a woman come

How To Make A Woman Squirt

Here's a very short and extremely effective guide for men about knowing how to give a woman an orgasm with maximum pleasure and minimum fuss!

1 Watch The Video Below By Sex Educator Laci Green: it describes how a woman can ejaculate during orgasm.

Laci's got the facts bang on about female ejaculation (aka "squirting").

Of course, you don't have to make a woman come with female ejaculation to give her pleasure.

But when an orgasm with squirting - when a woman ejaculates - is the best possible orgasm. It's mind-blowing. Massive. Unlike anything else.

In fact, she'll experience the greatest pleasure possible.

Best of all, it's not hard to make a woman squirt.

2 After Watching The Female Ejaculation Video you can find out how to give a woman an orgasm better than any she's ever had before - simply check out the information in the left hand column of this page.


Facts About Female Ejaculation

Because of the Internet, most men have probably heard of female ejaculation, and the possibility of bringing a woman to an intense orgasm with fluid ejaculated from her vagina.

You may even have seen squirting or female ejaculation on video. If not, you can see one at the top of the right hand column of this page.

We call these "squirting orgasms". The videos show how dramatic they can be. If you want to see how it's done, there are plenty more videos online which show female ejaculation.

However, what's probably more interesting if you're a man trying to make a woman gush is how you can do it with your own partner in a way that she's going to find acceptable.

You see, most of the videos on the Internet show women being stimulated extremely hard with a man's fingers, thrusting in and out of the vagina with a ferocity that few women are likely to accept.

If you take that approach, you most likely will never be able to get your woman anywhere near female ejaculation, and you're going to be resigned to a lifetime of watching women ejaculate on video recordings!

So the question is, is there a way of making it more acceptable for the average woman, so that she can squirt, and that you can both enjoy the experience?

Well yes there is, and it's not that difficult to do -- but there are some things you have to overcome first.

The first one of them is the woman's fear that actually when she ejaculate during orgasm she's going to wet the bed, or urinate.

And this isn't hard to understand: many women, particularly those who had children, do experience slight leakage of urine when they laugh, lift things, or even when they reach orgasm. This is about the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, and kegel exercises are the traditional remedy.

Now no woman wants to admit that she's urinated when she comes, so first and foremost she's going have to accept that the fluid expelled from her vulva, often quite forcibly, if or when she achieves a squirting orgasm, is not urine.

One way to help her get over this fear is to have her to empty her bladder before sex starts, but also to do a little bit of research on the Internet to demonstrate the nature of this fluid: it's actually prostatic fluid.

location of the g spot

Well of course women don't have a prostate gland, so to say that it's prostatic fluid is simply inaccurate -- but there is something in common with the male prostate gland.

Around the urethra, a woman has a collection of tissue which is directly related to male prostatic tissue. Embryological, they probably come from the same place in both men and women, but only under the influence of the Y chromosome and testosterone, in a male embryo, does this develop into the prostate gland.

In fact, you'll see the prostatic tissue in women referred to variously as the female prostate, the G spot, or Skene's glands, or the paraurethral glands.

location of the G spot

It doesn't make any difference what you call them, because the function of this tissue is to produce fluid, which in the male would make up the volume of semen.

In the woman this has no purpose (like male nipples), but it builds up fluid during sexual excitement in the area known as the G spot, which can be expelled when the woman reaches orgasm if she is uninhibited about the possibility of making a wet patch (sometimes a very big wet patch), and the very intimate nature of sharing this act with her partner.

So you have to talk to her about this before you even try to achieve it otherwise it isn't going to work.

Having said all of that, the other important factor to take into account is that some women simply don't seem to be able to get female ejaculation. It's possible she'll agree to watch a video on the subject of women ejaculating or squirting.

If so, check out the gushing, squirting and ejaculating women who recorded themselves on video for Deborah Sundahl.

Helping your woman to understand the process by watching a female ejaculation video together can be very helpful -- the Jason Julius video advertised in the left-hand column of this page can certainly be a talking point for the two of you.

The so here are the instructions that you're going to need to follow if you want to help your woman to ejaculate, or achieve a squirting orgasm.

Number 1

Ask her to  go to the toilet to empty her bladder.

Number 2

Give her extensive foreplay, and make sure that you are both very turned on, that you are feeling intimate, loving and connected.

G spot stimulation, which is what I'm going to call prostatic tissue, works much better when the woman is feeling an emotional connection to her lover, and she's emotionally as well as physically aroused.

Indeed, for some reason, the G spot seems to be the central focus of emotional attachment during intercourse. Stimulating the G spot can produce a whole load of emotional experiences for a woman -- and it becomes swollen with fluid much more easily when she's engaged in sex that has a strongly emotional component.

Number 3

Find her G spot -- by putting a finger inside her vagina, with the pad of your fingertip uppermost, and about 2 inches inside on the upper surface of the vagina, when she is aroused, you should be able to feel smooth that swollen area which represents the G spot.

If you feel ridges, she's not aroused enough, and you need to go back to gentle external clitoral stimulation until she is sufficiently aroused.

You might also need to say a few sweet nothings like "I love you" to make sure she's in the right frame of mind. Having plenty of time and no distractions helps too!

Number 4

Stimulate her G spot with a well lubricated finger -- lots of lube is essential. She may complain that you she wants to urinate when you press on the G spot, but the sensation will pass with continued stimulation. Obviously she's got an empty bladder, so she's not likely to need to urinate.

Number 5

Either continue to use your fingers or use a smooth toy to stimulate the G spot.

This is about stimulating the G spot until she feels like she's ready to ejaculate. You can use your penis if you have great staying power, but the problem is that if you hit her G spot in the right place and with the right rhythm, she's likely to get so around so quickly that it makes you come, after which you have very little chance of achieving female ejaculation.

And with a finger you're going to have greater control and you're going to be able to contain your own excitement.

The sensation that she needs to urinate will pass, and it will be replaced by an intense sensation of excitement. At this point she may be ready to ejaculate, but this is going to require her to keep yourself open and relaxed, and to allow the fluid to flow out of her. If she's going to reach orgasm, it may help if she pushes downwards and outwards with the pelvic floor muscles.

Good communication with you is essential, and reassurance may be needed. Keep talking! Keep reassuring her!

You may have already noticed when your woman achieves orgasm that she ejaculates little bit of clear fluid anyway.

Female ejaculation is actually the forceful ejection of this fluid from the urethral canal by means of muscular contraction, after a longer build up which allows more fluid to accumulate.

female ejaculation

Female Ejaculation Videos

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G Spot Orgasms Feel Great!

Deborah Sundahl, who more than anybody else has explored the nature and possibility of G spot orgasm in her books, has written eloquently of the nature of G spot orgasm.

It seems that when a woman is truly open at all levels to her sexual partner her mind and body behave in a different way.

Deborah has explained how the innervation of the area of the G spot is different to the innervation of the clitoris. This supports the possibility of G spot orgasm being something different to the clitoral orgasm.

And if stimulating the G spot does indeed stimulate different nerves, then it's likely that a G spot orgasm, or at having an orgasm in which G spot stimulation is involved, is going to be a different experience to an orgasm achieved by stimulation of the clitoris alone.

A lot of people believe the G spot needs to be "sensitized" before a woman becomes sexually responsive to G spot stimulation.

I've heard many, many stories of women who have learned, through taking Tantric sex courses, or through the loving attention of a partner with whom they felt completely safe, that G spot sensitivity can increase over time.

But what does increasing the sensitivity of the G spot actually mean?

It means something like becoming more aware of it as a source of sexual pleasure, and it might even mean training the nerves and tissues of the area to become sexually responsive to stimulation of the right kind.

This is clearly where a woman's partner has a role to play in giving a woman an orgasm.

It also takes a particular state of arousal for a woman to respond to G spot stimulation and get to orgasm.

It isn't just a matter of being well lubricated, although this is part of the story. It's more about how a woman's emotional responses to her sexual partner can help drive her bodily sexual responses.

But most of all it appears to mean a woman opening up psychologically and emotionally to her lover; opening her heart to him and perhaps even exposing the depths of her feminine vulnerability to him.

It's my experience that vaginal lubrication follows sexual desire and arousal, but the swelling of the G spot from its usual, slightly ribbed feeling into a tumescent, smooth, engorged area of tissue only takes place when a woman is freely feeling very loving towards her partner and she feels his love in return. (Or is it a matter of respect or trust rather than love?)

When she's achieved this state of arousal, a man with a finger on her G spot can produce very different sensations to those from a finger on her clitoris alone.

It's much more of a whole body sensation, which won't surprise anybody who's studied Tantric sex, where the G spot is the gateway to allowing sexual energy to flow all round the body.

And he will find he knows how to give his woman an orgasm easily.

Discovering the G spot, responding to it, and finding the effects that it has a woman's emotional state, her sexual energy, and her overall sense of well-being, is part of the journey of developing sexuality that every woman must take during her life: it's just that some women don't get past the starting gate.

Science Comes To The Rescue - It Gives Us All Orgasms!

There has been some research done on the subject of vaginal orgasm which I'm going to report here.

It was conducted by Stuart Brody and Petr Weiss and reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The aim of this study was to investigate the extent to which a woman's ability to have an orgasm through vaginal  stimulation was related to factors in her emotional and psychological development.

These included such things as sexual education during childhood, awareness of vaginal sensations during intercourse, the duration of intercourse, and the size of her partner's penis.

The authors start by saying that women who have experienced vaginal orgasm express greater satisfaction with not only their sex life, but their emotional health, and their relationships - with sexual partners, friends and indeed life in general.

They apparently also experience more frequent sexual desire and also display a physiologically more "normal" gait than women who have not experienced vaginal orgasm. (That indicates a lower level of musculoskeletal blockage, tension and neurotic disturbance.)

Indeed when you read this piece of research, you wonder why all women are not striving madly for vaginal orgasms because the authors claim that the more vaginal orgasms a woman has had in the previous month, the more positive she is about her relationship quality, intimacy, love and passion, and the less she uses psychological defense mechanisms.

The vaginal orgasm does involve different neural pathways to clitoral orgasm.

One of the possible reasons why vaginal orgasm has not received more acceptance is that women are simply not as well informed about the possibility of vaginal orgasm as they are about the clitoral orgasm.

For example, are women actually aware of the possibility of reaching orgasm through vaginal stimulation, and if they are not, would it ever happen?

Well, maybe if their man is unable to provide enough stimulation during intercourse by vaginal thrusting -  which requires more ejaculatory control than most men are given - he will not be able to take a woman to orgasm during intercourse.

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