How To Have An Orgasm During Sex or Masturbation

Have you ever considered using a vibrator? Many women worry about the idea of getting to orgasm with the help of a vibrator. But an orgasm is an orgasm - no matter how it is achieved - and very often having one with a vibrator will make it a lot easier to have one with your fingers, or your partner's fingers, or in any other way.

And of course you are always in control of the vibrator, and you can explore how to use it - just as you explored self-stimulation with your fingers.

You may be worried that your partner will feel excluded. You can reduce or eliminate these fears by having him help you choose it, trying it out on his own body, and sharing your experiences.

A vibrator is a good idea for an anorgasmic woman, as it may give a woman an orgasm faster than anything else.

If used correctly, that is to say as part of a couple's pleasuring, then a vibrator can expand both your sexual horizons, not diminish them!

So once you have chosen the vibrator you can begin by trying it out on each other's bodies: your arms, back, neck, legs, chest and belly. Be cautious if you experiment with your genitals!

When you have chosen one, use it as though it was a luxury tool to help you enjoy self-pleasuring. With massage oil or sensuous lotion on your skin, move the vibrator down your body and see how the vibrations feel, especially around your genitals: are they intense?

Experiment with various pressures and movements, see what you like the most. Take your time. See what gives you an orgasm most easily.

Don't try to become sexually aroused. Just experiment and see what happens.

After twenty minutes, think about your experience. How did it feel different when you used the vibrator compared to when you were using your fingers?

Could you touch yourself with the vibrator anywhere, or were the sensations too intense in some areas? You may have found the sensations too intense for your nipples and clitoris, for example.

If so, and you find your clitoris going numb, simply relax, and move the vibrator away to stimulate another area until normal sensations have returned to the clitoris.

It's also a great idea to allow your body to move as it wishes while you use the vibrator. For example, let your pelvis move in any way that feels right as you enjoy the sensations of the vibrator - you may want to mimic the movements of sex, for example, by thrusting your pelvis.

Remember to breathe, too; holding your breath allows muscular tension to build up, which may inhibit your sexual response.

If the stimulation is right, you may find that you reach orgasm after about half an hour of using the vibrator.

But the point is not to worry about the time, not whether you get to orgasm; rather, it is simply to allow the experience to flow over you.

Don't forget to use fantasy, movement, and erotic literature - in fact, anything which makes you feel sexier and more sensuous. Your vibrator is not a substitute for your partner, it is an adjunct to your sexual relationship with him, something which can turn you both on and add to your pleasure.

So don't worry about the possibility that you might develop a relationship with the vibrator rather than your partner! If a man has trouble ejaculating, he may find a vibrator helpful, but the real answer here is to find a treatment for delayed ejaculation which works.

Having said that, difficulty with ejaculation is a pernicious condition and sufferers need all the assistance they can get, so the use of a vibrator seems like a good idea if the man is open to it.

But what if the vibrator hasn't given you an orgasm?

If you haven't had orgasm after a week or two of using the vibrator, you may feel very discouraged. However, you won't get anywhere by giving up now!

Often the greatest breakthroughs are experienced just as you think that you aren't making any progress.

One useful tip for many women is to try massage - to have an aromatherapy massage from a qualified practitioner. This can allow you to relax completely and stop worrying about self-stimulation. And bear in mind that having an orgasm is not a simple process....

You can focus entirely on the sensations of being in your body in a non-sexual way, and develop a greater appreciation of bow it feels to be in your skin.

If you have reached orgasm you may have thought it was more or less wonderful than you expected. You may have felt relief, disappointment, happiness, sadness, or any of a number of other emotions. These are all normal!

Whatever you experienced is right for you now, and of course there will be a whole variety of experiences, both physical and emotional, to come!

Please remember also that it is virtually impossible to enjoy sex to the full if you have any kind of health problem.

Any health problem, no matter how apparently insignificant, will hinder your ability to get into the right position for lovemaking, spoil the sensations when you are making love, or discourage your partner from being as energetic and vigorous during sex as he needs to be.

This is especially true of hiatal hernia symptoms, which, ironically enough, can be ameliorated by the use of some simple home remedies.

If you have had an orgasm with a vibrator, enjoy several sessions and then include more and more hand stimulation into your masturbation, perhaps alternating hand movements with the vibrator.

You may find that this means it takes you longer to get to orgasm, but at the same time you may get a stronger orgasm. Combining the loving attention of your sexual partner with the use of a vibrator can be a great way to have a orgasm!

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