How To Make A Woman Come

(With Oral Sex, Touch, Toys and Love)

One of the biggest problems in sexual relationships between men and women is the fact that so many men believe they "should" be able to make a woman come during sexual intercourse. Yet very few women can reach orgasm through penile thrusting alone, and some women remain unable to reach orgasm at all.

On this website, we look at all these issues. We offer some suggestions abut how men and women can enjoy orgasms in various ways. We also focus on how women who have difficulty reaching orgasm can discover new ways to enjoy orgasmic pleasure.

We start with a look at why oral sex can be great for all couples... and why it's a great way to give a woman orgasms. Here's how...

Pleasuring A Woman With Cunnilingus

Before we get into the details of oral pleasure, let's remember sex is not just about what happens in the bedroom.

It's also about romance, and about the man seducing the woman slowly, which allows her to anticipate the pleasure of sex and the intimate emotional involvement she will have with her partner during sexual activity. The same is true in reverse, of course.

How To Give A Woman An Orgasm -
Simple Steps to Female Pleasure!

1. Remember a woman's biggest sexual organ is her mind. Any man who cares about his woman's sexual pleasure will know that the anticipation of sex is a major step in the enjoyment of it.

2. Ensure you both are sexually aroused so you will get the most pleasure. This means spending plenty of time - between fifteen and twenty minutes - on foreplay, touching, kissing, eye-gazing, talking, and loving in your own sweet way.

3. Be romantic. Remember, to become fully sexually aroused, a woman needs both a sense of anticipation and gentle stimulation in a safe environment to relax her, get her fully into her body, and ensure that she's comfortable with the prospect of sex with her partner.

4. Keep your expectations realistic. Not all women want to reach orgasm on every occasion they have sex, and not every woman wants to have sex on every occasion her man would like her to do so.

5. Enjoy plenty of foreplay. Have at least 15 or 20 minutes of foreplay so you are sure that her body and mind are both aroused and ready for sex.

6. Use a variety of stimulation methods. Foreplay can take the form of gentle touching, caressing, kissing, looking into each other's eyes, lying together side-by-side, and communicating spiritually or emotionally rather than physically.

7. Try to establish both intimate physical and emotional connection before sexual activity begins.

8. Be willing to give your partner an orgasm by means of oral sex before penetration. Oral sex or cunnilingus is great for pleasuring a woman, because it is in fact, the easiest way for many women to reach orgasm.

9. Be interested in your partner's sexual pleasure. One of the problems with this concept is that men are often bored by the idea of extended foreplay and giving a woman an orgasm by oral pleasure before intercourse.

And don't be scared of a woman not wanting intercourse as a result! Any man who's tried this approach will know that the end result can be very enjoyable intercourse with your woman after she's enjoyed her orgasm. And that's a lot more rewarding than trying for penetration before she's ready.

Making Sex Better

Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First, makes the point that oral sex is not just a part of foreplay, a superficial thing done on the route to a man's objective of vaginal penetration. Instead, oral sex or cunnilingus can be the way your woman reaches orgasm before penetration and intercourse!

For this to become a reality, the man needs to be compassionate, loving, respectful, and very focused on what he's doing.

In other words, he almost needs to put his own pleasure aside while he brings his partner to orgasm by means of cunnilingus.

However, the great advantage of this is is that if he happens to have erectile dysfunction of any kind, this is a great way to both give and receive sexual pleasure. Giving in this way avoids the need for an erection.

To do this, he needs to have a clear intention about doing so; he needs to devote the time to doing it; and he needs to have the right sexual techniques.

These techniques will involve finding the right physical position, one in which he is comfortable, and his female partner is also comfortable - perhaps for an extended period of oral sexual stimulation.

The best sex position is to have the woman lying on her back on the bed fully supported, with her head supported by pillows, and her legs slightly apart, possibly with her knees slightly raised and also apart.

In this way the man may give his partner an orgasm easily and as he lies between her legs, on his belly, ensuring that he's comfortable, with his arms supported on pillows, or wrapped around her thighs.

If the bed isn't large enough, he can take a position kneeling on the floor as she lies with her back on the bed and her legs draped over the edge, her vulva exposed to his mouth.

When the physical position for oral sex has been achieved, the man's pleasuring technique is also critical: as many men know, a woman can't take much stimulation to her clitoris until she's quite highly sexually aroused. This gives a woman much pleasure, whether she orgasm or not.

However, the sensitivity of her labia, perineum, vaginal entrance, and the area around her vulva, more than make up for his inability to stimulate the clitoris at the beginning of sexual pleasure.

Long slow licks along the entire length of the vulva combined with movements of his fingers and hands over her buttocks, thighs, and belly, can be extremely sexually arousing, and give his partner great sensuous pleasure.

Provided that she is relaxed, and able to open up her mind the possibility of reaching orgasm through oral stimulation, so long as the man applies stimulation in a rhythmic and regular fashion, she should be able to reach orgasm within 10 to 20 minutes.

By doing this it is possible for a man to help a woman achieve orgasm fairly quickly.

What's important is that the man does not continually change the rhythm or type of movement that he is making with his tongue and, as we've already discussed, it's important that he doesn't stimulate the clitoris before his woman's ready for this.

Oral sex shouldn't just involve the man's tongue, because when he uses his fingers at the same time, he can add to the level of stimulation that his partner receives, thereby increasing the chance of her reaching orgasm.

Some stimulation that is suggested in Women Come First includes the following: gently tracing fingers up and down the edges of her inner labia, squeezing and pinching them, and actually exploring her vulva, whilst noting how she responds to simulation in different areas. (Read about the female genitals here.)

For example, stimulating the smooth area above her clitoral head, and down each side of her vulva, where the clitoral shafts lie; tapping her frenulum, which is the area just below the clitoral head and above the entrance to the vagina roughly where the inner labia meet.

Another idea is tickling the entrance to her vagina, or engaging in shallow penetration with a fingertip; and inserting perhaps one or two inches of the finger into the vagina, checking for her lubrication and arousal, and sensing how her body responds to the gentle penetration.

woman in love

There are of course many other movements, but the point is that whilst and a woman's lover tries any of these, the man should also be applying tongue strokes to the smooth soft skin of her vulva.

I haven't yet checked this out, but I am also wondering if the extended pleasuring and complete focus that a man can offer during cunnilingus might be an effective way to stimulate men with orgasm problems to a higher level of sexual arousal so that they stand a better chance of being able to ejaculate during intercourse.

Another level of sophistication can be added by inserting the thumb just inside the entrance to her vagina, then moving it in a shallow fashion and stimulating the surface of the vulva when it emerges.

Kerner recommends using the thumb in combination with the index finger: he suggests that when the index finger is actually inserted into the entrance of the woman's vagina, a man can rotate his thumb around so that it is in the six o'clock position.

After this, he can then gently move it over her perineum, or he can rotate it back up to the 12 o'clock position, and use it to massage the area just below the woman's clitoral head whilst his finger stays in her vaginal entrance.

At the same time, it's extremely useful to place a hand under her buttocks and cradle them firmly one hand can squeeze both cheeks together, while the other hand continues to provide the finger work that is described above.

If you are a woman who is seeking to become orgasmic, and you're in a relationship with a partner who you trust, and you are looking for the pleasure of oral sex as a possible route to orgasm, then this is a book which is absolutely essential reading and I strongly recommend that you buy it for your partner.

This book enables men to discover how to give a woman an orgasm. It lets men take women to orgasm easily.

woman smiling in loving relationship with a man who has fallen in love with her

But, after all, you may wonder, why a book?

The answer is that I sometimes feel a certain level of education and knowledge is a great asset in the advancement of sexual experience and pleasure.

After all, we often overlook the obvious as human beings, both in our everyday lives and in our sex lives; getting help from somebody who is an expert in the field can do no harm.

In his book, Ian Kerner talks about every single aspect of oral pleasuring and how it can impact on a man's ability to give a woman an orgasm during cunnilingus.



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